Work and Study

SEC offers high quality programs to help students study and improve their English Language Skills. We offer unique ESL classes that will satisfy any focus or requirements. Take a look at our programs and choose the one for you!

Working Holiday

  • 10 hrs.w - Customer Service Protocol

  • 15 hrs.w - Grammar Course

  • 20 hrs.w - Power Speaking

  • 25 hrs.w - Grammar + Speaking Courses

  • 25 hrs.w - Business Protocol

  • 30 hrs.w - Super Intensive ESL : Grammar + Speaking

  • Exploring the world is a fascinating experience; it helps the traveler learn about different nationalities, cultures, places, and most importantly, it is a growing experience for the traveler. At SEC, we realize that traveling can cause a financial strain. We offer a great Working Holiday program. Come study, work and explore Canada! The Working Holiday program has part time well as full time options and the workload can be customized as well.

Co-op programs are available for long term, advanced students through our sister college, UCCBT.

For program details and eligibility, please send us an email.