Experience Canadian food, culture, and lifestyle by staying with a homestay family!

SEC offers both single and shared room accommodations. The single room option can include a choice of 3 meals or 2 meals per day. The shared room option offers a 3 meal plan.

Request homestay accommodations by filling out the "Homestay Request" section of the Application Form.

All other accommodations can be arranged by contacting our housing department.

Please give us at least 1 month to arrange your booking.

How does SEC select homestay families?

  • The SEC Homestay Coordinator visits the families who are interested in SEC's homestay program.
  • The Homestay Coordinator then interviews the family, takes pictures of the house, and the family members.
  • Fulfilling SEC standards, the Homestay Agreement is presented to the family, specifying the family responsibilities and school policies.
  • The family signs the agreement and returns it to the SEC Homestay Coordinator.
  • Once a student is placed with a homestay family, the family receives an Acceptance Letter for the particular student. This Letter is signed by the family and then returned to SEC.
  • During the student's stay in the family, students regularly complete a Homestay Evaluation Form.
  • All homestay concerns and issues addressed on the evaluation form are immediately solved.
  • Students can contact the SEC Homestay Coordinator at any time during the day and/or night (24hrs/day)
  • If you are unhappy with your homestay family, we will arrange to give you a new homestay for no extra charge.
  • Students interested in living in a homestay must stay for at least a two-week period.

What will my homestay family provide?

  • An English-speaking environment.
  • A private/shared room in the home; complete with a bed, study desk or table with a chair and study lamp, closet and/or dresser.
  • Three healthy meals per day – please feel free to inform your family what type of food you like to eat. Please advise your homestay family of any food allergies or dietary restrictions you may have.
  • Clean bed sheets and free access to laundry facilities.
  • A safe, comfortable, and friendly environment – if you do not feel comfortable with your family please let the Homestay Coordinator know as soon as possible. The students are expected to act as respectful guests.