We offer students a wide variety of options to satisfy any need. Whether a student wants to attend a Canadian college or university, take a test preparation course, or improve their everyday English, SEC has the right program to help students achieve their goals.

Why choose SEC?

Not only English lessons!
100% English only environment. We want you to succeed! Our English Only Policy will help you achieve success.
Life at SEC Toronto and Vancouver!
Qualified, certified, enthusiastic, friendly and patient, always willing to help and provide extra help.
We are always willing to assist and provide help and advice related to school, academic study, homestay and cultural life in Canada. 
We take care of you from the moment you arrive in Toronto or Vancouver. We provide you with airport pickup arrangements and a homestay family so you will feel safe, comfortable, and secure.
General English and Intensive Speaking Classes have an integrated approach. In the Intensive Speaking Classes, you will practice and expand upon the skills which have been presented in the General English Classes which follows our SEC Synro-System (3S). 
We believe in the importance of homework; it is a crucial part of the learning process. Therefore, all of our ESL classes have daily, level-specific homework packages, focusing on grammar, reading and writing, which reinforce in-class lessons. 
Evaluation Procedure : In order to assist you in achieving the best learning experience, you will constantly be monitored and evaluated in our Intensive Speaking Program. You will be evaluated on a regular basis through daily speaking activities and bi-weekly presentations. You will also receive regular feedback on your progress from your teachers both in written and oral formats.

The SEC Difference

  • Personal Counseling

  • You will receive counseling and have the opportunity to discuss your level of satisfaction with your homestay family and your classes, as well as your general satisfaction in Toronto or Vancouver.

    Our staff is always here for you during your entire stay at SEC.

  • Academic Counseling

  • Our Director of Studies is always here for you when you need to talk about your Academic program.

    You will have the opportunity to talk with our Director if you have any questions or concerns regarding your progress, classes and levels.

    This will give you an idea of your academic advancement and development.